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Dog Walkers & Pet sitters needed

Do you love being outside? Making your own schedule?

Our dog walkers and pet sitters, do just this! We ask that each walker or sitter, give us at least six months however this does not mean that you have to accept all jobs posted within that time. Our sitters are asked to work at least two to three major holidays as this is our busy time plus it's an easy way to make some great cash!

What is the difference between dog walker and pet sitters?

Really the only difference between the two is when you are available and what type of pets you are comfortable caring for. For example if you are available during the week between 10:00 and 2:30 also known as mother hours then the bulk of your services will be for dog walking. If you want to make extra money on weekends and holidays, than the bulk of the work will be pet sitting. If you are comfortable with cats but not dogs, then all your jobs will be pet sitting. If you have horse and farm experience then pet sitting is your thing. Most of our staff does both depending their availability.

How does it pay?

Both dog walkers and pet sitters are paid on commission. Commission we found actually earns our staff more money than hourly which is why we changed it, plus it allows our staff to make their own hours. Each job we post will have job details and the amount of money doing the job pays without considering being tipped by clients.


Canine AttendAnts Needed

Are you active and like physical work?

Working in our daycare yards requires an active personality who likes to interact with dogs, figuring out what each dog likes to do that will burn off their energy. It also requires taking care of their inside and outside area. This job is physical and requires each team member to be very detailed and aware of their surrounding.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Our canine attendants are out in all kinds of weather, interacting with all different types of dogs. It's their job to get to know each dog they interact with, determine what they like and don't like, and motivate them. Free Dog will teach you dog body language and help you master leadership exercises, however if you have nervous energy, this might not be the job for you. 

Canine Attendants must be aware of their surrounding and have the ability to physically get to any area in a short period of time. They must have a calm personality, be very patience and compassionate but also assertive when need be. It's important the a Canine Attendant is detail and task oriented, has excellent communications stills, can work independently and as a member of a team.

How does it pay?

It's an hourly paid

Free Dog often turns on and off our job postings, giving us time to go thru the applications we currently have. If you have submitted an application for a job that is no longer posted, it doesn't mean that you are not be considered. We take great pride training new hires, making sure they are a good fit and that they feel invested in. Please check back often to see new positions. 

Please do not contact the office about your application. We will contact you if we are interested, thank you.