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Uncle Aaron

“This last week or so has brought about a change in our young David. It could be due to a number of things, and maybe he’s just growing up, but we’re thinking our newest Staffer, Aaron might have something to do with it.”-Editor/Mom I’m glad you noticed. And I’m glad you and Auntie Jen hired Uncle Aaron. It’s about time we had some more men around here. I don’t know how you expected me to grow from a boy to a man without any male figures to learn from. Sure, there’s Uncle Khaled, but I never see him anymore since I graduated from Obedience Class last year. Papa comes to visit a lot, and I like hanging out with him, but most of the time I’m the only guy around here. How am I supposed to learn about “Guy Stuff”?

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the Girls, but it’s not always easy being surrounded by women. Heck, even all of our Staff Dogs are Girls. At least Jazzy & Vida taught me how to wrestle.

“Yes, and sadly, he fights like a Girl.”-Jen

Yeah, well Uncle Aaron likes to box, so you all better look out, cause he’ll teach me, then you’ll be sorry for making fun of me.

“God, I hope so.”-Editor/Mom

See, this is what I’m talking about. They all gang up on me. Now that I have Aaron, things will be different. I wasn’t sure about him when we first met, but it didn’t take long for us to bond. We like hanging out at Camp together. He brings me out on all his Play Rounds, and even though he makes me do the same sitting and waiting at the gates the Girls do, it’s different when Aaron does it.

“Sounds like a little ‘bro-mance’  to me”-Editor/Mom

Well, I don’t know what a bro-mance is, but to me, it’s kinda like having a Big Brother. You know, someone to show you the ropes. I really like having him around. Sometimes I even get to ride in his car when he goes to 118. I think I might be able to help him, too. Sometimes the Girls can be pretty tough, so us Guys will be able to stick together. And I think I heard him say his puppy is a Boy, too. That’ll be cool when he’s big enough to come to Camp. Then I’ll have a Big Brother “and” a Little Brother…