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Porky DiBona

Porky joined our South Shore A Doggone Good Life Pack (our original travel service company) in 2007 when he was just a wee young pug. He came into his Momma’s life 8.5 years ago. He is the child she never had & a great companion. He is an energetic, happy go lucky pug who enjoys brisk walks, visiting his Auntie Judi & Brother Nicki, playing with his friends, marking his territory, eating, napping & ending his day by cuddling with his Momma.

During Porky’s first visits with Auntie Sandy she would have to carry him up & down the stairs to go out for his “Got to Go” visit because he had not mastered them yet.  It wasn’t long before he would bound up them, with a pause at the corner step to have his coat & lead removed. knowing he would be getting his dinner. And let’s be honest, what pug is not food motivated!

Porky started off enjoying a short Got to Go & progressed to our Puppy Playgroups, then to Group Walks & Playdates. He loves running & playing with all his friends, especially when his brother Nicki is there. He’s still enjoying his weekly visits from Auntie Sandy.

Free Dog has loved watching him grow from a very happy go lucky, energetic, young pup to the loving energetic mature dog he is & is looking forward to many more years to come.