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Mendel Plummer

Meet Mendel. Also known as Darwin’s younger Brother. Not that Darwin really wanted a younger Brother. Even though he’s grown on him the past 7 years, he still secretly wishes his parents would return him to where he came from, so that he could return to his life as an only child.

Mendel, on the other hand, adores his Big Brother, and is completely lost without him. Though they are inseparable, and seldom photographed individually, there are few similarities between the two.

The most noticeable difference is Mendel’s superior athletic ability. He’s an outstanding goalie with a .010 goals against average, but is best known as our original “Flying Wallenda”, making some of the most amazing leaps we’ve seen. Many of the young Aussies here at Camp look up to him. Brother Darwin however, has the higher IQ and is always in charge, which is fortunate, as Mendel’s brain capacity maxxed out at a very young age. His one working brain cell has been examined extensively and broken down into two major areas of focus: 47% Food and 51% Frisbee. It doesn’t take a genius to do the math to find out what’s left, and although nobody knows for sure what the remaining 2% consists of, we’re pretty sure it’s all sugar & spice.