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Lighting your pets up with "Nightize"!

This is my first entry for the Free Dog Newsletter! I’ll be featuring all the cool products and gadgets you never knew you needed for your dog. To put on your dog. To wear with your dog. To give to people with dogs, and well, you get the idea.  I was nominated for this esteemed position, based on my many years of “Retail Research” on this subject. My faithful companion, Vida the Rottweiler is a first hand recipient of above stated “RR”, and participant in testing many of the products I’ll review, so look for “Vida Tested and Approved” where applicable. :) Let’s go shopping!

My first product to review is the Night Ize Lighted Collar Pendant.  A personal favorite of mine!

These neat little lights are surprisingly bright.  The light clips to your dog’s collar or harness, making him or her easy to spot at night. Whether you are walking the neighborhood at dusk, or just looking for your dog in the backyard, he is easily seen in the dark.

The light has two modes, solid and flashing, and comes in a variety of colors. It’s a pretty durable little light, and water resistant too. (Not for swimming though...I’ve lost a few this way…)

The light is powered by (2) 2032 lithium batteries than can be replaced. The pendant lists for between $6 and $8 and comes ready to use with 2 batteries installed.

Why light up my dog you ask?

Let me share one reason why I always light up my dog….

It was a camping trip like any other… several groups of friends, along with our dogs were enjoying a long weekend in the woods. The night wore on, more wood was tossed on the fire, and our laughter filled the night air. As coolers were emptied, people eventually started to turn in. I too, decided it was time to go to bed. I got up and began to head toward my tent when I was suddenly and violently thrown to the ground. “I’m dead.” I thought. Then I tasted dirt in my mouth and realized I was not dead, but on the ground. And being licked in the face by my friend’s very large, and very black dog, “Bear,”  whom I had just tripped over in the dark.

So from then on, whenever we go camping, we all put these lights on our dogs. We even have different colors for everybody. It’s a little safer around the campsite for all of us!  And we try not to wait so long to go to bed….:)

You can find these lights literally anywhere cool dog stuff is sold, or visit their website

This product IS “Vida Tested and Approved” although she reminds you to take them off before you go swimming.