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February Pet Profile

Kelly Stender

kelly (2).JPG

Our first Pet Profile of the Month is our senior-ist Camp Member, Kelly. She’s 11 years old now, and has been coming to Camp since late 2004. She’s (obviously) a Yellow Lab, who enjoys long walks on the beach, oh wait, that’s her Mom. Kelly does like to swim though, but it wasn’t always that way. Her Mom was shocked and horrified when her young Lab wanted nothing to do with the water on her first few trips to the beach, so we brought her to a lake where Wesley showed her how much fun it could be, and now she’s a pro, and always the first one in the pool on a hot day.

kelly (3).JPG
kelly (1).JPG

Kelly is one of our original A-Team members, and has enjoyed countless days in the Front yard at 7G with all of her best friends over the years. She’s one of the Best Girls we know, but she wasn’t always perfect. These 2 pics are my favorites, and are definitely proof that everybody goes through some painful phases while growing up.                

We look forward to seeing her every week, and are especially psyched to see what her Mom is planning for her next Surprise Birthday Party at Camp. We doubt she’ll ever be able to top “Confetti the Clown” for her 10th B-Day in 2014.