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An inside peak of Free Dogs Award winning Pet Salon and all of the unseen services it offers.

This year will be the 16th year I’ve been a certified pet groomer (OMG, I’m that old). I remember at age 21,the first time someone asked me, “ so what do you want to do besides bathing dogs with your life?”  The answer was easy…….nothing else. It made me think… Is that all people see when looking at the profession of a dog groomer?

Besides the bath, there are so many services that go unseen. Every standard bath for your dog includes a full blow dry, ears cleaned, nails trimmed and filed and expression of anal glands if they need it.That would be equal to a mega spa day in our human world….besides the ear cleaning and anal gland expression. Your hairdresser probably will not take a q-tip to your ears per your request and I’ll just leave the anal gland thing alone.

We also offer deep conditioning treatments for dogs that have overly dry skin or super shedding coats. This is when we lather and brush a nice, thick conditioner  into your dog's coat and let it sit for at least 15-20 minutes. When I rinse the conditioner out and blow dry the coat, there is an instant difference.


Has your dog ever been sprayed by a skunk? Has your dog ever had fleas? We can help you with both unfortunate events. Instead of battling with your dog at home, call us, drop your dog off and a few hours later have a fresh smelling, non skunked and (or) flea free dog.

We offer tooth brushing and cleaning. Any color you want to dye your dog we have it. If you're not interested in coloring your dog's whole body sometimes just a tail adds a little festivity and fun in your house. Not only do we trim and file nails, but we also will paint them. One year I painted Jazzy’s nails like little candy corns for Halloween. She was not that excited at the time, but then loved the attention she got afterwards.

As grooming professionals  we need to know all dog breed coats, but each breed has a standard haircut. From Cocker Spaniels crowns,to Poodle feet and faces,to Bichon Frise rounded heads. A wired coat vs a drop coat. A double coat vs hair. All coats and breeds needs are all so different. Free Dog’s Salon has over 30 years experience combined between myself and Lisa. Lisa loves creative grooms, and has experience with hand stripping coats, while I love hand scissoring.


Last but not least……. We cat groom. Cat’s need a spa day too! Anything from nails, comb outs belly and butt shaves, to full lion clips. Sometimes they need their little paws trimmed or just a good bath to get the dandur off. We try to make the cat have a quick stress free experience by scheduling them at quieter, less busy times of the day. Stop trying to cut your cat's matts out with scissors at home and give us a try.

So as you can see, there is way more to grooming than “ just bathing dogs”. I ‘ve spent years  going to seminars and dog shows and studying hair and breed standards. There are so many services that go unseen to many that your dog groomer can help you with. It is truly an art and takes a patient creative mind. I am proud to say it is my life’s work and I wouldn't change a thing.